Dear Friends

This Saturday-Sunday, June 8-9, is London’s Open Garden Squares Weekend. Unfortunately, St George’s Gardens are not allowed to be part of it, because the organisers are worried about asking people to buy tickets to visit Gardens that are always open. Normally, we have hundreds of visitors during OGSW, from all over the world, not just all over London or all over the UK. So, with Bloomsbury’s other open Squares and Gardens, we are quite cross that the organisers have left us out of their handbook this year.

We’ve therefore organised a fringe event, with the help of one of our members, tree expert and artist Annette Freeman. It’s a puzzle, eleven clues attached to eleven trees which hint at their name. And to help you check your answers, Annette has written a 12 page pamphlet for us which we will give you if you visit the Gardens from mid-morning Saturday to Sunday evening. So please come to see us, tell your friends about us, and collect your copy of Words of the wood.

We are asking the local Gardens lucky enough still to be part of OGSW to give us some publicity – Collingham Gardens Nursery next door, Mecklenburgh Square and others. And we’re going to count our visitors to see what we can achieve on our own, without OGSW’s publicity.

So hoping to see you at the weekend!

Friends of St George’s Gardens Committee