The aims of the Friends are:

  • To restore and improve the quality of St George’s Gardens
  • To ensure that Camden Council, which has day to day responsibility for the maintenance of the Gardens, monitors contracting work to the highest standard
  • To liaise with all the bodies responsible for the Gardens and their maintenance
  • To raise awareness of the Friends and of the Gardens themselves as a public amenity.

We have a mailing list of about 150 members, most living nearby but a small number outside London and even outside the UK.

Current committee members, elected at the AGM on 23rd March 2017, are:

  • Diana Scarrott: Joint Chair
  • Sue Heiser: Joint Chair
  • Grace Dedman: Vice Chair
  • Roger Cline: Treasurer
  • Jo Baktis: Member
  • Robyn Gardner: Member
  • Ian Brown: Member
  • Sarah Colquhoun: Member

The Committee are  always looking for new members so get in touch with us if you love the Gardens.