If you see something that needs to be done in the Gardens, don’t do it yourself. Camden Council pay a contractor to maintain the Gardens and the work you’ve identified might be something on the contract schedule already. So contact the committee or leave a message for us at FoSGG, c/o King’s Cross Brunswick Neighbourhood Association, 62 Marchmont Street, London WC1N 1AB, and we will follow it up. It might mean chasing the contractor but it could be a volunteering opportunity.

Also, Camden Council sometimes give us volunteering ideas. We planted wild flower seedlings and bulbs under arrangements with Camden Council recently.

We would like to expand volunteering. Apart from anything else, it’s healthy outdoor exercise. But the work needs to be managed, with risk assessments to make sure volunteers are not injured, communication with potential volunteers, liaison with contractors. It’s harder than it sounds.

If you would be interested in doing some garden work please get in touch. Tell us the sort of work you can do – light or heavy – and the times that would be best for you – weekdays or weekends, mornings or afternoons. We are aiming to have two volunteering days in the coming year, one in the spring and one in the autumn.