If you ride through the Gardens then you are wild life.Please don’t do it. A lot of old people use the Gardens and can easily fall if cyclists use the Gardens as a short cut. The no cycling signs at each entrance could not be clearer.


As well as monuments, the gardens boast a selection of native and alien ferns. Located mostly on the west wall, they are, according to local resident and pteridologist John Edgington ‘one of the finest groups of ferns to be found in central London’. Find out more about ferns from the British Pteridological Society.


Urban foxes are a problem for us because they dig under our chest tombs. They also scatter litter around the grass from the bins, looking for food remains. Please help us keep fox nuisance to a minimum by tidying up your picnic leftovers and bagging up food rubbish.


Grey squirrels will eat all sorts of plant material, including bulbs, buds, catkins, flowers and stems. They also strip bark from trees and bury seeds and nuts, digging holes in borders and beds. Don’t feed them. It just makes them fat and less able to run away when chased by dogs.